I Doubt It

I Doubt It, also known as Cheat or B.S. (what those letters stand for is left as an exercise to the reader), is a unique game for three or more players where you merely have to assert that you’re playing the correct cards. Occasionally, flagrantly lying to your friends is a good way to get ahead.

Object of I Doubt It

The object of I Doubt It is to be the first player to run out of cards.


I Doubt It requires at least one 52-card deck of playing cards, such as Denexa 100% Plastic Playing Cards. For a larger game, it may be desired to add a second deck of cards to increase the hand size of each player.

Shuffle and deal the cards as evenly as they will go. It is okay if some players have one card more than others.

Game play

The player to the dealer’s left goes first. They are required to play one or more aces, declaring as they do so “Two aces” (or however many cards they are playing). Or rather, they claim to be playing one or more aces—the cards are played face down to a discard pile, so nobody can know for sure if they are telling the truth or not. The next player to the left then theoretically plays 2s, then the next player 3s, and so on up to kings, which are followed again by aces.

If another player is suspicious that the active player is taking liberties with the truth, they may challenge that player by declaring “I doubt it!” (or “Cheat!” or “B.S.!”) When this occurs, the last set of cards played is revealed. If the active player was lying, they take the entire discard pile into their hand. If they were telling the truth, the challenger is saddled with the discard pile. Challenges may not be made on a play after the succeeding player has made their declaration.

Game play continues until one player has run out of cards (and wins the inevitable challenge accompanying their final play).



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