Poker-Size Plastic Playing Cards: Cardinal Directions (Brick)


Buy in bulk and save. Twelve two-deck sets of our classic Cardinal Directions poker-size playing cards at a reduced price.

  • Excellent choice for poker clubs, tournament directors, and anyone who needs a large number of cards.
  • Save over $35 versus buying individually.
  • 24 decks (12 red decks and 12 blue decks).
  • Poker size (63 × 88mm) with standard indices (7.5 mm).
  • Features our original Cardinal Directions back design, with white border to protect the printed area of the card from damage.
  • Durable PVC stock is waterproof and non-porous, and resists bending and chipping.
  • UV-cured inks resist scratching off.
  • High-visibility graphics make it easy to identify cards.

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