Bridge-Size Plastic Playing Cards: Cardinal Directions

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You want the best possible gaming experience for your players, so don’t let bent, chipped, or scratched cards bring the game to a screeching halt. With the durability of Denexa 100% Plastic Playing Cards, you can keep the game going and keep everyone having fun.
  • Two-deck set (one red deck and one blue deck).
  • Narrow bridge-size width (56 × 88mm) makes it easier to hold large number of cards, as well as making shuffling and dealing easier for players with smaller hands.
  • Available with standard indices (7.5 mm) or jumbo indices (14 mm).
  • Features our original Cardinal Directions back design, with white border to protect the printed area of the card from damage.
  • Durable PVC stock is waterproof and non-porous, and resists bending and chipping.
  • UV-cured inks resist scratching off.
  • Saves time and money by reducing the frequency of deck changes.
  • High-visibility graphics make it easy to identify cards.
  • Designed and printed in the United States.

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1 review for Bridge-Size Plastic Playing Cards: Cardinal Directions

  1. Evelyn Chorush (verified owner)

    Thank you DENEXA GAMES for your new bridge size playing cards! The cards are very elegant. They are smooth, easy to shuffle and flexible.

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