Card Caddy


Protect your playing cards with the Card Caddy™, the only playing card deck box that converts into a discard tray. Take your game on the road, to the great outdoors—wherever life takes you. Stack your deck anywhere, any time.

  • Provides durable protection to a standard deck of poker-size (63 × 88 mm) playing cards. Snaps shut securely to ensure contents don’t spill out in transit.
  • Top cover attaches to bottom to form a two-bay stock/discard tray.
  • Discard tray features side cutout to allow discard pile to be fanned out.
  • Round hole allows cards inside to be easily viewed when closed and allows easy deck removal when open.
  • Playing cards not included. For a Card Caddy shipped with our 100% plastic playing cards inside, see our Adventurer’s Pack.
  • Black gloss plastic. Measures 4 × 3 × 1″ (10.1 × 7.6 × 2.5 cm) when closed.

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