Card Caddy Accessories Pack


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The perfect add-on to your Adventurer’s Pack. Includes one Card Caddy Cache storage box and a Card Caddy Connector attachment and score-keeping device. Taking your game on the go is even easier!

  • Cache snaps to the Card Caddy included in the Adventurer’s Pack. Allows you to store small items like chips, tokens, dice, golf pencils, note paper, etc.
  • Connector also snaps to the Card Caddy. Stick multiple Adventurer’s Packs together to make a huge, portable tower of card-gaming awesomeness.
  • Keep score on the Connector using the two included pegs. Allows for two-player scores up to 70 each (or more if you’re okay with a little bit of math). Pegs slide securely into storage slots on back when not in use.
  • Playing cards and Card Caddy sold separately.
  • Cache features 3½”× 2½” × ⅞” (63 × 90 × 23 mm) internal volume.


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